First, the scope of business group
The main products of the company are 'circular economy, energy saving and emission reduction, safety and environmental protection'. The products are mainly including metallurgical, electric power, building materials, coking, people's livelihood, new energy, tourism and other industries.
1) cogeneration unit exhaust steam, exhaust flue heat recovery;
2) urban heating, water supply, air supply pipe network construction, operation, transformation, upgrading, improvement;
3) industrial integrated sewage, urban sewage treatment;
4) metallurgical, coking, building materials and other industries waste heat, residual pressure recycling: including dry coke quenching, sintering machine, converter, heating furnace and other waste heat recovery, BTRT, blast furnace slag water heating, sintering flue heat recovery, coke oven Heating tube waste heat recovery, glass cement kiln waste heat recovery, ferroalloy, lime kiln and other kiln waste heat recovery;
5) desulfurization, out of stock and ultra-low emissions, process, environmental dust and so on;
6) new energy power generation (renewable biomass energy use, shallow geothermal, photovoltaic, photoelectric);
7) Waste treatment (waste disposal and power generation)
8) to build green, the original ecological characteristics of the town of tourism link development.
Second, the Group comprehensive services and business model:
1) Industry comprehensive utilization of energy and overall development planning consulting, urban power supply, water supply, heating investment, development planning consulting;
2) Engineering design / procurement / construction general contracting / project management contracting (EPCM);
3) project investment and financing, project development, operation and management, including EMC, BOT, TOT, PPP and other business and cooperation model;
4) equipment manufacturing and sales.
Third, the Group and the customer base of the advantages of resources
Oufu Group over the years continue to increase investment in scientific research, mainly using independent innovation, joint innovation, mergers and acquisitions and other models to improve product quality, extend the industrial chain, to maintain the technological leadership of products to ensure the company's sustainable development.
At present in the field of environmental protection services to hundreds of customer groups, in the investment, construction aspects of Jiuquan CDQ, Jiuquan gas power generation, Baiyinjing Coal Group steam preheating heating, Inner Mongolia are dozens of sewage treatment business Or EPC general contracting performance, while the company in the city heating, water supply, gas and other aspects of outstanding achievements.
Long-term and domestic power, nonferrous metals, chemical, building materials, metallurgical and other industry design institutes and Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology, North China Electric Power University and other institutions of higher learning, the use of joint innovation model, in the circular economy, energy saving, Waste utilization, the livelihood of the comprehensive development of engineering technology to make new breakthroughs in the introduction of new products; over the years continue to introduce low-calorific value gas efficient use, low-quality heat recovery, biomass CNG and other new technologies, new products, and are being promoted Shortage of gas waste heat recovery, activated carbon regeneration, blast furnace slag wind quenching and other new products.